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Our skilled therapists offer behavior-focused treatment and consultation to children and adults, families and parents, organizations and other professionals. We seek to assist all those who require tools, guidance, and training in autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disabilities.


The centerpiece of our suite of services, the training, consultation and mentoring we provide to families of people diagnosed with an ASD or another developmental disability is the foundation of our practice, and the core of our approach and mission.

Autism Therapy


All professionals and BCBAs at Family First are qualified to provide teacher/administrator behavior counsel, written behavior plans, assistance with IEPs, support with student placement as well as educational trainings about how to work with challenging behavior.

Stacking Blocks


Upon request, Family First can provide custom-tailored educational workshops and training events. These trainings may cover a wide variety of areas within the field of Individual Family Services, social services, and behavior management, including: applied behavior analysis (ABA); family supports; services to individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum or with a developmental disability; direct care staff development; Behavior Systems Analysis (BSA), and many other topics.

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