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Family First provides behavior services throughout the Northstate area. Our staff includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and clinicians with experience working across a variety of settings including in-home therapy, school-based interventions, preschool instruction, and community based services. We have a strong focus on working with infants and young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder through our Early Intervention and Autism programs.


We focus on the whole family and environment as the context in which behavior and development occur. Our years of experience in this field has guided us in developing an approach to therapy that is simple, effective, evidence-based, and pragmatic: give caregivers the tools and knowledge to teach their children.

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To support and empower clients, parents, caregivers and all those who fall into a client's circle of support by providing them with the highest quality, most comprehensive evidence-based approaches to improving learning and autonomy, and ensuring that every client's experience with Family First is positive and rewarding. 


Family First will provide non-discriminatory services regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender expression/identity, immigration status, marital/relationship status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or any other basis proscribed by law. Additionally, Family First ensures that employees actively engage in professional development activities to support cultural responsiveness and diversity and tailor programming to support diverse needs/backgrounds.  It is the expectation of Family First that all staff will evaluate personal biases and their ability to address the needs of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Diversity topics will be a regular part of individualized programming to ensure that all clients/caregivers receive services in an equitable and inclusive manner.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based practical science that can help children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities experience more success and better manage frustrations that have led to difficult behaviors in the past.


ABA Therapy may be an approved benefit through your health insurance provider. Benefit coverage can vary, however a growing number of insurance companies now offer plans that cover the cost of services for children in a wide range of areas. Plans we accept include Anthem Blue Cross, MHN, Magellan, and more. We also offer Free Insurance Eligibility Reviews for families affected by autism.


We work closely with families and the circles of support for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities. In addition to providing behavior consultation, we assist families in traversing the healthcare, school and social systems to obtain the most opportunities for the unique needs of their children.


"Three years ago, we found Family First after gaining guardianship of our grandson. We were immediately impressed at the first phone call with the active listening, care and intent to help us move forward. Our therapist, Johnathan S., is a man huge is charisma, stature, and enthusiasm. He brought great hope at our first meeting as we tackled one of the issues we were facing. The excitement and hope has been incredibly valuable.

As we learned behavior modification techniques ourselves, Johnathan would demonstrate ways to follow through by his example while working with our sweet boy. Learning more and more each visit our home became increasingly calmer and more manageable. It felt good to realize that we could have skills and get training to help our boy grow in these areas of behavior in our home. It changed us also.

I am truly grateful at what we received from Family First and cannot imagine us without it. Any parent can truly benefit from spending some time with these highly qualified people that become like family. It has been a beautiful and hard journey as many of our behaviors were not working with our boy. The payoff is watching our boy and family thrive. We always can go back and re work what we learned anytime on any behavior. We highly recommend. Five stars!"

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3435 Silverbell Rd, Chico CA, 95973

P: 530.487.7265

F: 530.487.7263

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