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Family First employs best practices in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to provide the best outcomes for children with developmental disabilities and their families.

Beyond targeting individual behaviors, we examine how behaviors affect the family as a unit, with the understanding that individual behaviors can also be a manifestation of how the family functions. Often, issues may be related to the intensive demands involved in caring for family members with special needs. The treatment process is as much directed at teaching and training family members as it is supporting the child.

We encourage family members to become active participants in every step of the treatment process. Families are expected to learn and implement interventions developed by their behavior analyst and are responsible for participating in monitoring behavioral progress. We work closely with family members to ensure they understand the interventions that are being recommended and can comfortably implement them. Supporting families creates the opportunity to improve the overall quality of life for every child we serve.

In addition to providing behavior consultation, we assist families in traversing the complicated web of healthcare, school and social systems to obtain the greatest opportunities for the unique needs of their children. We are always mindful that each individual operates within a circle of support and we work to assist families to understand an individual’s behavior and develop strategies for change.

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