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Child Development | Family Empowerment

stressed young dad with two small childr

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These are stressful times. We can help. From Telehealth to parent training, remote learning to strict safety standards for in-home ABA therapy, we're creating solutions for families facing unprecedented challenges.


At Family First, challenges inspire innovation.

To support and empower clients, parents, caregivers and all those who fall into a client's circle of support by providing them with the highest quality, most comprehensive evidence-based approaches to improving learning and autonomy, and ensuring that every client's experience with Family First is positive and rewarding. 

(and their dads)


Applied Behavior Analysis​ (ABA) is the application of the principles of behavior to socially significant issues in order to produce meaningful and measurable change. ABA can help children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities experience more success and better quality of life.


ABA Therapy may be an approved benefit through your health insurance provider. Benefit coverage can vary, however a growing number of insurance companies now offer plans that cover the cost of services for children in a wide range of areas. Plans we accept include Anthem Blue Cross, MHN, Magellan, and more.


We work closely with families of individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities to provide learning and behavior support through training and direct instruction. Our mission is to empower caregivers to become experts in their child's development, with the knowledge and to meet every learning challenge with confidence.

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